Inspiring Women with disAbilities!

Congratulations, Cynthia DeJesus!

Ms. Wheelchair California 2013

Photo of Cynthia DeJesus, Ms. Wheelchair California 2013

Cynthia DeJesus is currently studying toward her PhD in Cultural Anthropology from University of Iowa Extension. She is currently CEO, coaching, and contracting for DeJesus Coaching Services. A strong advocate for children, families, and the disabled, she involves her coaching with clients and faith formation students in the social etiquette of advocating for the other and the disabled at home, as well as overseas. She believes anyone can change the world. Every single person can make a difference. The difference in a smile, for the person who genuinely needs a smile in the moment. The person for whom we leave a place. The person assisted with a door. Even the hand held for a fleeting moment while listening to their story. She believes to the recipient of daily kindnesses; we all can be heroes.

Cynthia's professional interests focus on education and technological advances within the disabilities sector; her current projects include the knowledge, awareness, and rehabilitation of disabled orphanages in Romania. In addition, she serves as spokesperson for Kinder mit Handicap at Weisenhau?s in Rumänien, Stadt Satu Mare. She is a member of the Coaches Federation, and was recently honored with the Golden Key International Honour Award for her pursuit of academic excellence.